Orders will be delivered to the addres chosen by the customer during checkout. Usually we ship only after receiving the payment on our bank account; delivery time may vary depending on the city or the country of the customer. If the delivery date shifts, we will inform the customer of new date as soon as possible.
The website manager reserves the right to refuse, interrupt, or cancel the delivery or any other duty bound to the sales contract, according to just its own discretion, in case of alleged fraud and non-fulfilment or violation of previously undertaken sales contract by the customer with the website manager.

We usually ship within 2 or 3 days after receiving the payment by the customer. Delivery is handled by a courier of our choice. Shipping costs (that may change depending on the destination, the weight and/or the volume of the package) are entirely paid by the customer. These costs are going to be calculated according to the prices of our courier at the time of shipping.

Shipping will be tracked using our courier tracking system. The customer can ask us the tracking code to follow the shipping progress.

If the customer prefers to use his own courier, he must send an email to our logistical staff as soon as possible (at least two days before our estimated date). It is important to remember that switching to another courier might include additional costs for the customer.

Shipping costs might include possible management costs (administrative charges, customs fees, insurance costs), packaging costs and postal fees. We highly recommend to group as many items as possible into one big order. It is not possible for us to combine two or three distinct orders into one, therefore shipping costs will be applied to all of them.

Items will be sent at customer’s complete risk, but we are going to do our best to deliver the packages to the courier intact and well sealed. Packages might resemble cardboard boxes or plastic bags. They both are strong and big enough for all your needs.


Before asking to return or substitute goods, the customer has to verify that the products are eligible to the process, checking the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Products have to be intact, price tags and seals have to be present and still attached to the item;
Accessories and special packagings have to be present;
It will not be possible to return incomplete items, damaged items or worn out items;
The customer has to request to return the good within 10 days from delivery;
Returned goods have to be delivered to the courier within 10 days from the return authorization by the website manager.
Returned goods have to be shipped from the same country where they have been delivered in the first place.


To substitute goods the customer has to respect the aforementioned Terms and Conditions and he has also to send the items that he wants to change in only one box to “Alimport Franco srl”, manager of the present website. Shipping costs for returning or substituting goods will be determined by the website manager with the customer case by case. We reserve the right to refuse returning products of the same order shipped in different times.

It’s possible to substitute an article only once.

It’s possible to substitute an article only with another article of the same model. Hence it is not possible to substitute an article with an article of a different model.

The customer has to contact the website manager staff before sending back any item.

The website manager may consider the possibility of collecting the returned goods straight from the customer, with his own courier.


Withdrawal with return might be possible if the delivered items differ from the ordered ones or from the description of them on the website.

The amount paid for the returned products will be refund as quickly as possible, or it will be recognized as credit for the customer to spend in future orders.

The customer may feel free to contact us for further information on withdrawal with return.

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